Everyone has a goal or a dream for themselves, their family or their community. SHIFT brings the under forties together to turn goals and dreams into reality. We socialize, mobilize, and realize our potential to drive ourselves, each other and Thunder Bay forward.  


SHIFT is an incredibly diverse group of young people representing many professions and backgrounds. From business owners, entrepreneurs and trades people; to students, health specialists, and government employees, the uniqueness and connectedness of our members sets us apart. Every SHIFTer shares a common value that we believe in what’s next for Thunder Bay and we want to help drive the community forward. 


SHIFT is led by a 12 member Executive and Board of Directors.


SHIFT brings the under 40 demographic together to socialize, mobilize and realize personal, professional and community development.



To retain and attract young professionals in Thunder Bay, and support young professionals to realize their goals while making a positive impact in the community.

Board of Directors

The SHIFT Board of Directors is a group of dedicated and hard-working individuals who believe in what’s next for Thunder Bay. We encourage members of different industries, organizations, and opinions to participate. Elections are held annually in May at our Annual General Meeting.

Executive Team

Larissa Jones


Andrew Ault

Vice President

Shalini Misir


Stephanie Pesheau



Silas Young

Director of Social Programs​

Nimarta Gill

Director of Fund Development

Jocelyn Bel

Director of Policy & Research

Danielle Mathieu

Director of Communications

Asfan Khan

Director of Professional & Personal Development

Nefry Falla

Director of Diversity & Community Service

Megan Marsico-Andresen

Director At Large

Colin Beauchamp

Director Of Membership Services ​

SHIFT Intern


Membership Development Officer

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