NOVA Rules

2020 NOVAs


NOVA winners must be between the ages of 19 and 40 as of December 31st, 2019.

NOVA winners must reside in Northwestern Ontario, a geography spanning from Kenora to Manitouwadge.

Furthermore, an individual may only be awarded one (1) NOVA in their lifetime. Previous recipients of a Northwestern Ontario Visionary Award are ineligible to win at the 2020 NOVAs.

SHIFT board directors and members of the NOVA planning committee are ineligible to win a NOVA.


An individual may win no more than one (1) Northwestern Ontario Visionary Award (NOVA) in no more than one (1) category. In the event that a nominee scores high enough to win in multiple categories, he or she will only be awarded only in the category in which he or she achieved the highest score.

If a nominee scores high enough to win in multiple categories and any of those scores are the same, the score of next highest ranked nominee (runner up) in each category will be considered and the NOVA will be awarded to nominee in the category of the lower scored nominee.

To determine a winner in a tie that occurs between nominees of the same category, individual Judges' scores will be considered. The nominee who has attained higher scores among the majority of judges will be awarded. If that is not possible, judges will be asked to rescore the nominees.

Nominees who score high enough to win a NOVA are ineligible to win the People's Choice award.


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